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Agenda- 3-23-17- Part 2 Guest Edward Spencer, (a Ca. Neuro Scientist) discusses his research along with Wonder Ann, will discuss our NEXT CIVILIZATION emerging. This is a very evolved conference.  

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Agenda- 3-23-17- Guest Edward Spencer, MD, (a Neuroscientist from California) returns along with Wonder Ann of the Lawful Platform Project. the subject of this conference (or radio show);

Creating a new, more equitable system of governance that will be more inclusive and equitable for ALL the people. - or THE NEXT CIVILIZATION IS EMERGING.

Ed Spencer has been talking about, (with his extensive research), - we haven't really set-up a system of governance in the US, but we have set-up a system of governance that is for Corporations and its affiliates as far back as when our country was founded. He states we are currently in the process of engaging in "grass roots" movements that will, in his opinion define a "new governance system" that will become a participatory governance system.

In lieu of all the confusion and dismantling of our current systems, it is an interesting concept, and I certainly hope he and Wonder Ann is right.

This conference has been taped, and will not appear until after 3 weeks after the conference...so if you want to hear it, please log on to hear this important conversation.


Agenda 3-16-17- Guest Edward Spencer, MD, a neuro scientist return to discuss his in- depth research on targeted individuals, (those beamed with electro-magnetic radiation, "wireless technologies".  

Ed will ask Wonder Ann of the Lawful Platform project to be on. The subject is "cutting the Gordian Knot of disinformation that binds our minds". FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, in 1956 refers to this by saying the following:

"The  individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst."

He will discuss the recent statement made by Kelly Anne Conway made this week and posted in the Huffington Post. She cited that in the early 1976, the state Department made public the fact that the Soviet Union had been beaming microwaves at the Moscow Embassy for many years, and was a health concern for the low level of microwave radiation. ​​http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/kellyanne-conway-trump-wiretap_us_58c68568e4b054a0ea6bb166?ncid=engmodushpmg00000003 

Edward Spencer will then relate his more thorough information about his understanding of the true background of what we as a civilization have to prepare for.

Agenda 2-2-17- Part 2- Writing letters to the White House about the dangers of the
wireless technology.
    We are conducting a letter writing campaign to President Donald Trump to
     alert him and his staff about the dangers of the wireless technology. We will decide on a specific day to send letters and calls to him and the White House.

   We have also created a post card, the graphics to print the post card will be sent to you, so you can print them on card stock, cost is about $.38 cents to print, and a stamp to send.
   On the back of each card, you can write your story. The front has the address already on the post card, and you can include your return address.
     We will brainstorm the different letters to write, which will be a series of letters to be
     sent out by our entire community on a certain day each week, or every other week. We are hoping  our whole community will participate in this project. If the White House gets thousands of emails, letters and call on a certain day, each week, or every other week, we are bound to get some attention.
   Each person should state they are electronically sensitive, and that their health condition has prevented them from living a “regular” life.
 We are now working on the follow-up letters to be sent on the different issues the wireless problems involve. But the revised final version of the first letter is at the bottom. We need brainstorm follow-up letters, so we can send them out almost immediately. Naveen is writing a follow-up letter,and needs our input, to add the points we’d like to address.   We hope you can participate.
  Here are the links to last weeks conference: Conference call tape from last week. This is in 2 parts:
                      Part 1: http://tapeacall.com/jwtrp9ujbe
                      Part 2: http://tapeacall.com/cbdvbzupq9
Here is the link to where we've stored 8 variations to our letter writing campaign and a sample of the post card that can be downloaded- Here is the link:  www.wirelessaction.wordpress.com/voice

Agenda 1-26-17- Writing letters to the White house about the dangers of the wireless technology. 

We will be conducting a letter writing campaign to President Donald Trump to be sent by our entire community on a certain day each week, or every other week. We are hoping our whole community will participate in this project. If the White House gets thousands of emails, letters and calls on a certain day, each week, or every other week, we are bound to get some attention.

Each person should state they are electro magnetically  sensitive, and  their health condition has prevented them from living a "regular" life. 

All the letters should probably be the same, and that's what we'll be focused on creating in the coming weeks. We have a template of an existing letter, which will be sent around to all of those who want to participate in this project.. We will also be creating other letters for everyone to send out each succeeding week. 

LISTEN TO THE CALL: Part 1;  http://tapeacall.com/jwtrp9ujbe

                                  Part 2: http://tapeacall.com/cbdvbzupq9

Agenda- 1-19-17-​ A world in collective disorientation that needs direction after its systems have collapsed. We will hear from Naomi Klein in her interview with Franklin Foer , where she talks about her book,"The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. she wrote the book in 2007. https:/www.c-span.org/video/?200999-1/words-naomi-klein-

The world is in protest- of a new controversial president taking power. with our falling apart systems and controlled capitalism: for a collective repression our our political, economic and social systems that have already falling apart to the point of calling it a demolition state of affairs.

​ There is no comfort level left, the state of shock and psychological trauma has emerged. The reality that we are left helpless and controlled, repressed, demoralized and traumatized, has us in its grasp, around the world. The total take over of our failed system leaves us breathless. We stand up in record numbers around the world to protest.

Naomi calls this the demolition stage necessary to happen before we rebuild. However painful this reality, we must process this disorientation of chaos in its possible perspective. 

Agenda- 1-12-17-​ Guest Martine Davis, will discuss the best heating systems for Electrically and chemically sensitive people. Martine is a Certified Building Biologist, indoor environmental testing expert who specializes in health factors. Her website is:www.airinspector.com. She can be reached at 608-241- 9883. 
    Listen to the tele-conference: http://tapeacall.com/ayngk6zpq6 

Agenda- 12-15-16- ​Guest Sheena Symington, a research assistant to Magda Havas, will discuss what children's gifts to avoid and how to use purchased wireless gifts safely.

Parents who want to purchase safe Christmas toys and gifts for their children, and all those who would like to know what gifts are safer to buy for the holidays, are welcome to join us for this important tele-conference.Sheenas website- Pure Power Solutions; www.getpurepower.ca. 
LISTEN TO THE CONFERENCE CALL: http://tapeacall.com/urc7zyu23j 

Agenda- 12- 8-16- Listen to the conference call; http://tapeacall.com/9yatrk6wv4

Jesus Mendoza has a life threatening health condition due to his wireless sickness- 3 important Physicians, and Social Security have documented his condition. Also his kids, who attend classes with wireless technologies are developing physical and emotion debilitating symptoms.  Jesus has an ongoing federal law suit since 2011, fighting to make schools safer without utilizing debilitating wireless technologies. See www.wirelesswatchblog.org,and telemondo40 and telemondo52. 

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