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Agenda- 1-19-17-​ A world in collective disorientation that needs direction after its systems have collapsed. We will hear from Naomi Klein in her interview with Franklin Foer , where she talks about her book,"The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. she wrote the book in 2007. https:/www.c-span.org/video/?200999-1/words-naomi-klein-

The world is in protest- of a new controversial president taking power. with our falling apart systems and controlled capitalism: for a collective repression our our political, economic and social systems that have already falling apart to the point of calling it a demolition state of affairs.

​There is no comfort level left, the state of shock and psychological trauma has emerged. The reality that we are left helpless and controlled, repressed, demoralized and traumatized, has us in its grasp, around the world. The total take over of our failed system leaves us breathless. We stand up in record numbers around the world to protest.

Naomi calls this the demolition stage necessary to happen before we rebuild. However painful this reality, we must process this disorientation of chaos in its possible perspective. 

Agenda- 12-15-16- Guest Sheena Symington, a research assistant to Magda Havas, will discuss what children's gifts to avoid and how to use purchased wireless gifts safely.

Parents who want to purchase safe Christmas toys and gifts for their children, and all those who would like to know what gifts are safer to buy for the holidays, are welcome to join us for this important tele-conference.Sheenas website- Pure Power Solutions; www.getpurepower.ca. 

LISTEN TO THE CONFERENCE CALL: http://tapeacall.com/urc7zyu23j 

Agenda- 12- 8-16- Listen to the conference call; http://tapeacall.com/9yatrk6wv4

Jesus Mendoza has a life threatening health condition due to his wireless sickness- 3 important Physicians, and Social Security have documented his condition. Also his kids, who attend classes with wireless technologies are developing physical and emotion debilitating symptoms.  Jesus has an ongoing federal law suit since 2011, fighting to make schools safer without utilizing debilitating wireless technologies. See www.wirelesswatchblog.org,and telemondo40 and telemondo52. 

Agenda- 1-12-17-​Guest Martine Davis, will discuss the best heating systems for Electrically and chemically sensitive people. Martine is a Certified Building Biologist, indoor environmental testing expert who specializes in health factors. Her website is:www.airinspector.com. She can be reached at 608-241- 9883. 

    Listen to the tele-conference: http://tapeacall.com/ayngk6zpq6 

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Agenda- 1-19-17- A World in collective disorientation that needs direction after its systems have collapsed. We will hear Naomi Klein in her interview with Franklin Foer on "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism."